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I started my first class on an advanced night (by mistake) and had a BLAST! All the girls were encouraging, the music was great, and the dance moves were so fun! For an hour class, they really jam-backed as many songs as possible. Can't wait to go back!
Brittany R.
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I woke up the next morning from this class and booked the same class for the following week! I was sore and tired but the good kind, the kind that you know you worked hard and should be sore! Kru was so welcoming and motivating. He encouraged me to push myself to my limit, and also to respect that limit as to not injure myself. I am excited to go back!!
Katie G.
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15 Duff rd. Upper level. Penn Valley, California 15235 USA
1515 San Marco Blvd Jacksonville, Florida 32207 USA
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